Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • nixstor
    01-22 11:18 PM
    Lets say her H4 expires on Apr 10th 07. If her I 129 application is filed on Apr 1st, Do you think her I 129 is considered to be ok? Again, USCIS wont be able to generate a receipt notice with in 10 days and assuming that the receipt notice will be generated after Apr 10th, what kind of impact will it have as her H4 would have expired by Apr 10 th? It looks like the bi specialization program is causing more delays because the cases need to be transferred from VSC to CSC. As Andy pointed out, there is no guarentee service for H4 approval with PP.

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  • nk2006
    09-22 02:42 PM
    Just posting the phone numbers on this thread (incase you didnt see them on other threads) - Please call. Lets keep our sceptisism aside for a while (just for 24 hours :)) and call. There is still some chance (otherwise why would they schedule to discuss it).

    Trent Franks (R-Ariz.)202- 225-4576
    Steve King (R-Iowa)202- 225-4426 (NOT IN FAVOR)
    Mike Pence (R-Ind.) 202-225-3021
    Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) 202-225-3035
    Lamar S. Smith (R-Texas), Ranking Member 202- 225-6906/ 202- 225-4236 (NOT IN FAVOR)
    Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) 202-225-2216
    Chris Cannon (R-Utah)202- 225-7751
    Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) 202-225-2676
    Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.)202- 225-5431
    J. Randy Forbes (R-Va.)202- 225-6365
    Tom Feeney (R-Fla.) 202-225-2706 (NOT IN FAVOR)
    Ric Keller (R-Fla.)202- 225-2176
    Elton Gallegly (R-Calif.)202- 225-5811
    Darrell Issa (R-Calif.)202- 225-3906 (NOT IN FAVOR)
    Dan Lungren (R-Calif.)202- 225-5716
    Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) 202-225-5911
    Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.)202- 225-4176
    Rick Boucher (D-Va.) 202-225-3861
    Robert C. Scott (D-Va.) (202) 225-8351
    Betty Sutton (D-Ohio) 202-225-3401
    Howard Coble (R-N.C.) 202-225-3065
    Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.)202- 225-3265
    John Conyers (D-Mich.), Chairman 202-225-5126
    William D. Delahunt (D-Mass.)202- 225-3111
    Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) 202-225-4755
    Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.)202- 225-8203

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  • gemini23
    08-14 08:38 AM
    asking contributions for each post is pestering. Please maintain sanity of the forum.

    hopefulgc, will you please concentrate on action items..........

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  • Gravitation
    07-13 12:53 PM
    It seems DOS postponed to publish Visa Bulletin...due to BLACK Friday :cool:

    :DIt'sll be Black Friday for Lou Dobbs!!! :D


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  • kavita
    01-07 07:36 PM
    I live in Chicago and would like to join..

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  • Steve Mitchell
    June 4th, 2004, 01:55 PM
    Let me preface this by stating that I have not yet shot with a D70, however I have heard very good things about it...particularly for it's price. IMHO, the best test of a camera is done in the field. By in "in the field", I mean does it allow you to do what you want it to do. A DSLR has a learning curve if you're coming from a P&S. Once you begin to master a DSLR, theimage quality bill be much better, and you also have much greater ability for creativity. If you want a D70, I'd take the info you've read regarding various issues with a grain of salt. Buy one from a reputable dealer that allows returns if it does'nt meet your expectations.
    After deciding to buy the Nikon D70 I began to read a number of posts to the pReview forum that had D70 owners citing backfocusing problems with their new D70s. All resorted to sending their cameras to the Nikon Service Center for repair. All reported at least some measure of correction but some indicated they could not achieve precise focus within the DOF for each of the Nikon compatible lenses they owned and are useable with the D70.

    I own two Sonys (the F707 and the V1). Both, in my view achieve remarkable clarity, color and brightness right out of the box. AF on both is, again in my view, is extraordinary. So, I would be very disappointed if I were to spend 1500 or more bucks (with some accessories) to arrive at inferior imagery.

    It is possible what I am reading is the view of purists who are able to "see" focus flaws that the more casual, but still demanding, amateur photogs would dismiss?

    Has anyone out there had experience with the backfocusing problem to which I refer?


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  • telekinesis
    05-15 08:18 PM
    rounds: 3 volleys each (6 total rounds)
    theme: Heaven
    apps: Any
    image: psd exchange
    image size: Determined on 1st volley

    You go first. Then send me link to .psd file.

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  • solaris27
    10-03 12:11 PM
    Mine LUD changed twice , the day we gave fingerprint and one day after .


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  • veni001
    06-30 05:09 PM
    As far as I know if the old I-140 is revoked or withdrawn before new I-140 approval one can not port PD.

    My old I-140 is still active so it was safe while porting. I am not sure what happens if the old I-140 is revoked, sorry i don't have answer for this..

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  • cherryred50
    04-09 09:21 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    Hi I am a student in United States and I was on Optional Practical Training from Jan 2008 to Dec 2008. As I finished my OPT in Dec 2008 I joined again in New course for M.S in soft. Eng.

    In the month of November I got a job in California through an employer, who is based in New Jersey. As I got a job the employer asked me to sign a contract which states that I will be paid 60,000 per year and I shouldn't work with his clients for 1 year after the agreement is terminated.

    As the project was only for 40 days I finished it successfully and I my employer couldnt find me another job till now. So I decided to work on my own when I got an opportunity with the previously worked vendor, when my employer came to know about this he has threatened me to sue me. Then I retrieved from the opportunity but now even my employer doesnt pay me anything. It is been 4 months, he hasn't paid me anything , even he hasnt provided me any insurance.

    I asked my employer couple of times to terminate my agreement otherwise I would go to Department of Labor and claim my wages but he downplays that by saying I am not on H1B so I will not be paid unless I am working with Client. But the agreement didn't say anything like that.
    I have even asked him to run the payroll where I worked .I.e in California but he ran it in New Jersey. When I pointed this to him he said the payroll will be run at the residing state if the employee works more than 6 months.

    We had an argument about this but he never replies to my emails he only calls me and says whatever he wants to say but when I ask him to put whatever he has said to me on phone in an email he doesnt reply at all.

    And to mention, he doesnt have any documents of mine. I even didnt fill any I9 form, what ever he has is the only agreement that I signed and social security number that I emailed him to run my pay roll.

    After the argument I even requested him to send my original agreement signed by two parties. I only had the agreement signed by me, he even didnt send me the agreement with his sign on it even after repeated requests.

    Now he doesnt even care to answer my calls or emails. I am really tensed. I am getting opportunities from vendor that I worked with but I am afraid he would sue me. Please help me What to do. I am really really frustrated, tensed and I can't express how I feel right now.

    I want to get out of the contract and work with the vendor if Possible.

    Please explain me how can I tackle this problem?

    I would be really very very thankful to you.



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  • perm2gc
    10-03 06:59 PM
    I have two passports one with H4 Visa stamped and another Surname changed. While entering US, I have used my name as in the Visa (new surname) in the I-94 card.

    I have applied for H1B with new surname in this May and change of Status with that I-94.
    During H1 processing, I have travelled out of US and while entering back I have used old surname( as sometime back DMV ppl told that the name on I-94 should match with H4 Visa)

    Now I got H1 approval and COS approval with my middle name taken as first name and new surname.

    1) First thing is, the I-94 on COS approval and I-94, currently present in my Passport does not match.
    2) First name and middle name are interchanged in the passport and H1 approval.
    Is this going to create any problem while applying SSN? What are the possible consequences..

    Also, any similar scenarios, plz respond..

    Are we confused or you...

    you said that you entered on new surname passport and so your i94 will have new surname..

    now when again you reentered you entered on old h4 with old surname...

    so you have entered US with two different surnames ...

    DMV told you correctly..always your surname should match the surname in visa stamp...

    you are lucky that immigration officer at port of entry might have overlooked your case..otherwise you must be in your home country by now..

    you are in a serious trouble..surname issue is very big..consult a good attroney than posting in the board...

    Good Luck!!!

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  • karthkc
    02-29 11:26 AM
    please don't post information you are not sure of. unless employer withdraws H1 there is no way USCIS can know of this. (Employers are not legally bound to file for H1 withdrawal) Also I would like to know the source of your 'zero tolerance' policy in regards to H1. In fact they forgive upto 6 months of 'unauthorized' employment when processing I-485. ( If they wanted to have 'zero tolerance' they would have forced employers to withdraw H1 or atleast inform USCIS of layoff.
    Also you say "one should inform USCIS before I-485 is approved'. Again this is wrong information.
    Please do not start fear mongering based on incomplete information.

    This is not fear mongering. You DO NOT have a grace period for H1B termination as you do on F1-OPT or anything similar.

    The right way to stay in H1 status is to get a transfer BEFORE the termination date on your H1B.

    In reality however, USCIS may not look at it from a zero tolerance policy while ACTUALLY adjudicating the case. They may approve the transfer if the paystubs are "RECENT" enough or may send an RFE. The usual criteria for recent is two weeks or sometimes upto a month. Anything longer is at your own risk.

    The 6 month period hoolahous refers to in the link is for "UNAUTHORIZED EMPLOYMENT" meaning working for an employer other than your H1b sponsoring entity usually the H1B petition is still valid. I believe that is not the case here.

    If you would like to stay on H1 status, my suggestion would be to apply for a transfer with another employer before the end date of your current job.

    If that does not work, you always have the option of using EAD to get another job, but in the meantime your status should be fine as you have filed for your 485 and you will be in AOS.

    As always, check with an attorney for your specific situation and use your best judgement.

    Good Luck!


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  • ras
    05-22 02:35 PM
    my employment is terminated a month ago. I still need to file h1 transfer to the GC sponser. I am single

    I am told that H1 can be transferred only with in 10 days-20 days or so. which means that it is already a month. so in case if I dont get the h1 or if I have an issue in the H1 transfer, is that the end of my being H1.

    If I were to be on H1 again is it going to come under the cap along with those new H1 filers? I still have one and half years to complete 6 years.

    I have a fall back to EAD though based an approved 140 and 180 days past 485.

    But how do I get the spouse then???

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  • Makaveli
    01-05 03:55 AM
    Originally Posted by Guig0
    Let me warn thee, Becareful! That name is not to be used lightly, nor even spoken aloud. Unless thy crave is to awaken the horror of the Kirupalvania. For behold! That evil not even thou can put a stop to it. So a change in the subject must be made, whilst the doom come to us.

    ooooooooh, Guuig0 is a poet and shakespeare lover!!! .....but, you are seriously scaring me Guig0 with that shakespeare stuff...i failed many essays and tests on that dude and his stories

    Originally Posted by Soul
    My computer has been hacked the hell out of today thats why I havent been able to get on! I got their IP addresses though

    it was probaby some "l33t script" 13 year old hacker...while we are on the topic of computers getting f'ed...i got that annoying Yaha virus ........i had to reformat and install everything again...

    oh and Castle is an excellent theme!! i'm sure people will go nuts with the idea...who knows some of the advanced people might even put a dragon and knights/kings/queens


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  • techbuyer77
    09-17 02:17 PM
    When did you file your I485. Reason I ask this is because if the dates are not current, how were you approved your gc if you are eb3 and your pd is 2004 jan ?

    Beats me. I dont know.

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    07-08 10:57 AM
    Did you send photos

    I self e-filed my EAD application and the Receipt date is 6/7/10. They called for Biometrics which is done.

    I got an email saying that they have sent a RFE. Waited for 10 days, still no signs of RFE. When I called USCIS, they asked me to wait for 15 days. When I called after 15 days, they created a Service Request to re-mail the RFE. Now they say, I have to wait for 45 days. When I asked them if they will extend my deadline to reply to the RFE, she said she doesn't know.

    Has anyone been in this situation ?

    What kind of RFE will they send for an EAD extension.

    I sent my 485 receipt and a copy of my EAD when I e-filed.

    How many days do they usually give to respond to the RFE ?

    Any feedback is appreciated.



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  • arnet
    08-29 01:11 PM
    Can IV contact some of our members in and around Dallas area to attend this meeting? IV can help them to prepare the key points regd our retrogression problems/solutions and the urgency to implement this solution. so that, it will be easier for them to present it to the hearing committee.


    Good find retropain.
    It seems this is one of the last and only hearings that concerns high skiiled immigrants. Most of the hearings have been focussed on undocumented immigrants and border security.

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  • kingkon_2000
    09-24 07:08 AM
    Hi Guys please help me

    Yesterday i got my receipt i check the status online the status is saying

    Receipt Number: LINXXXXXXXX
    Current Status: Fingerprint fee rejected and notice mailed; case in suspense.
    On August 21, 2007, we rejected your fingerprint fee and mailed you instructions for how to submit the necessary payment. This case is now in suspense.
    Please submit your payment with our notice as soon as possible after you receive our notice so we may resume processing of this case.

    But USCIS cashed my checks i didn't know what went worng the total amount i paid is 325+70,170,180.

    Did any guys get same kind of problem?

    My online status is same as yours but I received FP notice and have given finger prints. My AP status online says that they have mailed me GC sometime back. If only online status were 100% correct. My lawyer says there are errors in online status so don't believe them 100%.

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  • vsoni
    05-24 03:24 PM
    Done!! Nj

    08-31 01:26 PM
    We can email the whole report to all the major news corporations, I can email it to Colorado's local media too with the hope that some of them might publish it if not all. Doesn't hurt to try.


    06-01 12:05 PM
    I think that instead of exhausting our energy on this issue, we better think how to make progress in our fight against injustice. And to all those who are using an abusing language .... please show your guts when you go for your next visa stamping or when entering the United States on a port of entry and try to use the similar language.... you surely will get an answer/lesson you will remember for rest of your life.


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