Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • acecupid
    08-04 12:08 PM
    Mumbai consulate.
    They asked for zero documents.
    I had taken a ton of documents
    Salary slips
    Tax returns
    I129 petition copy
    H1 approval
    Name it I had it

    But he asked me nothing

    Does mumbai consulate still require you to submit documents in advance (4-5 days) of the interview date ?

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  • conchshell
    06-19 07:37 PM
    got the email ... good job ...

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  • logiclife
    10-16 06:24 PM
    Hi Guys,

    My LCA has Computer Software Engineer as job title.I have 5 years of Experience as Oracle functional consultant.Currently I'm working as Oracle consultant.My 140 is approved and got my EAD card.In jan 2008 it will be 180 days of filing 485.I want to change my career towards IT Sales.

    I have an offer from an American Staffing company as a Technical Recruiter.The job responsibilities include hiring Software Engineers.But the job title is different from my LCA.I want to join this company using EAD in jan 2008 and apply AC 21.Today I have checked with my Lawyer this is what she says"

    In instances such as this, when we send the letter to the USCIS regarding AC21, we include the following details with reference to the job title. … Although the job title differs, the job duties are substantially the same. The title used by the company is their internal designation for this position."

    She says that i will be able to work as Technical Recruiter using EAD.Any one can suggest me on this?I have very little knowledge about AC 21 and how it works

    Thanks in advance

    Hmm, I am an oracle apps programmer too, although my job is more technical and less functional. Recruiting talent is a whole different job role than working as a functional Oracle apps consultant. Functional jobs (Oracle or SAP) is pretty much business analyst job, in my opinion.

    Now, you may use the same knowledge as you do, but still, its a different role and I think its highly risky to do this change. For example, let's say, you use same knowledge to work as a professor of computer science in University or as a practicing software solutions provider. IN both cases, you use same talent to do your job and use same knowledge and skills. But TEACHING is different job and providing software solutions is a different job.

    Same way, staffing/recruiting is different from doing functional analysis and I would be surprised if the job descriptions match close enough to fit in same job code. Try to get a good lawyer to match the job descriptions and interpret them into job code and see if the job codes are the same.

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  • felix31
    12-14 02:47 PM
    I, personally, do not know anyone who lives in Canada and is complaning about jobs. Every beginning is difficult but for us who come to Canada from the US, I do not think the beginning would be difficult at all. Even with their famous Canadian exp only requirements....

    Also, when you guys weigh in job prospects in Canada in comparison to being on H1 in the US, do you consider that your spouses would have a fair chance to at least re-start their careers or start their new careers, or do you think / know that your spouses will actually continue to stay at home?

    In that case there is no difference between staying here or going there, right?


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  • hopefulgc
    08-13 08:45 PM
    Please do vote..
    Guys how does one edit a poll after creation.

    Can somebody from Iv admin modify the poll so users can see who has voted what here.

    So, obviously, you are not expecting any EB3 I to vote, right?

    Or do you want EB3 I also to vote?

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  • kaisersose
    06-16 04:17 PM
    just for comparison remember that the distance from churchgate to virar (in bombay) is 35 km.

    That is equivalent of approx 22 miles. I doubt there is anybody is bombay that drives 35 km one way on a daily basis. But in the US living 10-20 miles from work is not bad. People in my office drive about 40 miles one way without blinking an eyelid. Some drive even more. Plus the cars that they have in india have smaller engines, smaller capacity thereby better gas mileage.

    So for people who say gas is a non issue, think again.

    Yes, thinking again, my opinion still remains the same. Gas prices in the US moved up from 25c a gallon in the late 60s to what it is now. No one stopped driving on account of that. Ditto with India.

    I say, we will not see signifcant changes in the US lifestyle due to increasing gas prices. People will adapt and continue to do what they are doing. But this is theory and cannot be substantiated with evidence. Hence, I accept I could be wrong too.


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  • Lisap
    09-13 12:13 PM
    Please see my details in signature

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  • mariner5555
    02-29 01:32 PM
    if you have EAD and 140 is approved (And 180 passed since 485filed), then why are you worried about H1 status ?
    am I missing something here ..I let my H1 expire and am using EAD now.
    I had another question - if one has EAD and 140 is approved (and 180 days passed and a person does not hav H1) - then how long can that person stay unemployed ? please reply if you know ..Thanks !!


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  • cyclone_p
    07-21 10:20 AM
    Was e-Filed a month back. Waiting for the fingerprint notices. EAD expiring in 20 days so will probably have to be on a "loss of pay" for about a month.

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  • hoolahoous
    02-29 01:50 AM
    I believe the H1B status ceases after the date of your termination ( i.e. you stop working for the H1 sponsoring employer ). That is the zero tolerance policy of USCIS. Now, one should use AC21 and notify USCIS before the I-485 is approved ( with previous employer as sponsoring entity ).

    please don't post information you are not sure of. unless employer withdraws H1 there is no way USCIS can know of this. (Employers are not legally bound to file for H1 withdrawal) Also I would like to know the source of your 'zero tolerance' policy in regards to H1. In fact they forgive upto 6 months of 'unauthorized' employment when processing I-485. ( If they wanted to have 'zero tolerance' they would have forced employers to withdraw H1 or atleast inform USCIS of layoff.
    Also you say "one should inform USCIS before I-485 is approved'. Again this is wrong information.
    Please do not start fear mongering based on incomplete information.


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  • espoir
    12-13 10:03 AM
    I concur with everyone in the thread. Its a hoax.
    Look at the email address ""

    US State Department doesn't send emails via ".com" domain
    If it doesn't have ".gov" at the end of the email address, don't even bother to read the contents.

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  • makemygc
    02-28 09:37 PM
    Do you have your I-140 approved and if yes, have you passed 180 days since you filed your I-485? If answer to both the response is yes, then nothing to worry about as you can simply work on EAD.

    If you are still considering transfering H1-B, start looking for a company immediately. Small India companies who do H1 transfer can be little helpful in your scenario but watch out for crooks.

    Dear members,

    I am on H1B with I-485 Pending and i have layoff coming. I have Approved EAD but i haven't used it. How much time I have to find another job without loosing H1B Status?

    I appreciate your help


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  • Tito_ortiz
    02-02 05:28 AM
    So that means you have not learned much.

    I have lived in both BC and Boston, moron.

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  • kumar1305
    01-19 11:00 AM
    People do not buy house to sell it. They buy it so that they can live for a long time. And when you do not know how long you are going to stay in this country(because of immigration issues) then why would they buy. There is something called closing cost, who will pay them if you have to sell?


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  • whoever
    06-17 04:05 PM
    i dont have a marriage certificate, can an affidavit from both parents be used instead of a marriage certificate?

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  • americandesi
    08-16 03:43 PM
    There's no catch at all.....according to my lawyer. He said even if you come back on AP, you can still work on your H-1B so long as it's valid.


    As far as I know, Until your apply for a H1 extension or H1 transfer on "Parolee" status, your status continues to be "Parolee". Lets consider this.

    You have 3 years remaining on your H1.
    You go out and come back on "AP".
    Your status changes to "Parolee".
    You do H1 transfer (or) your employer files for H1 extension at the end of the 3rd year.
    Now your status changes back to "H1".

    Here is the catch. You are a "Parolee" until your "H1" transfer or extension. In case your I-485 gets rejected during your "Parolee" status, you gotta leave the country (or) file for an appeal and proceed with H1 transfer (or) H1 extension to retain your H1 status.

    Seniors, Please correct me if i am wrong.


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  • bindas74
    05-15 08:32 AM
    Hi Gurus,

    I have efiled for my wife's EAD/AP renewal. When I finally submitted, the total payment asked was only $645( 340 for EAD and 305 for AP). But, there is a note stating the following:

    "The biometric fee is $80 for applicants ages 14 through 79 who request a Refugee Travel Document or Re-Entry Permit, unless the applicant resides outside the United States at the time of filing their form."

    How am I supposed to send this? I was not asked to pay this amount during my efiling of the AP/EAD concurrent filing.
    How am I supposed to send this? Can I send it as a separate check for $80 only for the biometric fee( because I had already paid for the EAD/AP using my credit card)
    Please advise.

    Also, during the AP filing, I got this:

    "On a separate piece of paper, please explain how you would qualify for an Advance Parole and what circumstances warrant issuance of Advance Parole. Include copies of any documents you wish considered. (See instructions.) "

    What an I supposed write in the document that I am going to send to USCIS?

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance,

    HI Gurus,
    Please someone answer..

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  • punjabi
    09-10 08:31 PM
    I don't know much about Canada PR, but the 2nd option sounds good to me. Make sure your new employer is willing to give you a Joining Letter with the similar job responsibilities, job title, etc upon which your 485 is based.

    Good Luck.

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  • eb3India
    04-20 10:01 PM
    how about

    11-20 05:19 PM
    No. It is not from IV Core again. Once Core team makes their decision on this they will post it separately.

    This is confusing.

    In the meantime, IVMovies, please update your IV profile as Pappu requested in that thread.

    06-17 03:12 PM
    This is my new employer asking me sign this document called "time sheet agreement"...would it stand in the court of law, say I left the job and could they come after me with this paper?

    here is the 80% of whats in there with company called (name changed) Nathuram-daulathram-desi-Company :D

    If the employee wishes to terminate his/her services with Nathuram-daulathram-desi-Company, he/she agrees to assist Nathuram-daulathram-desi-Company in fulfilling the contract terms that Nathuram-daulathram-desi-Company signed with client like notice period etc. The client peanilizes Nathuram-daulathram-desi-Company if he/she leaves the project abruptly without sufficient notice. Employee is responsible for all monetary penalties the client will enforce on Nathuram-daulathram-desi-Company because of his/her action.

    Employee agrees not to transfer billing to another firm and / or accept payments from another firm or the primary vendor or mid vendor for the project you are currently working will be working in future. Employee agrees not to solicit directly or indirectly Nathuram-daulathram-desi-Company�s client and vendors.

    Employee is responsible for the accuracy of the time sheet submitted for payroll. If Nathuram-daulathram-desi-Company pays you and we did not get the money from the client, he/she are responsible to reimburse Nathuram-daulathram-desi-Company all the amount that is under dispute within 5 business days. Employee is responsible for all the legal and administrative costs (attorney, collections etc) for enforcing the above terms. All disputes will be settled according to the laws of the sate of NJ.

    Employee agrees to reimburse Nathuram-daulathram-desi-Company any and all over payments made to you within 5 business days. If you fail to do so, then the employee agrees to pay the legal costs involved in enforcing the same.

    The above costs are difficult to calculate and will be based on our approximations.

    Is this how every company asks their employee to sign?? This is my first experience on this...never signed anything like this before.... :rolleyes:

    Please let me know,
    LIGCP :mad:


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