Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Macaca
    01-19 03:56 PM
    I think it is a good idea to make the title more prominent, like red, big, bold font, hightlighted...

    As a matter of fact, I didn't notice it when I came here two days ago. I was thinking it was something for running the website in a long term. Only when I saw many people were talking in this thread did I know that there are some urgent and serious things going on.

    Need your help in getting more Chinese members. Please spread the word.

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  • indian111
    05-04 03:13 PM
    E-filed EAD on 24th April.
    Supporting documents received on Apr 28th.
    Received EAD receipt on April 30.
    Last year I remember receing the receipt and biometric appt letter together.
    Has anyone who efiled for EAD renewal this year have received biometrics appointment?
    Please let me know.


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  • lambu2
    09-04 10:17 AM
    When I called USCIS by POJ method they said it is infront of an officer, Is it a satandard answer for every one?

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  • rimzhim
    02-02 08:55 AM
    I dont think IV will take credit for any behind the scenes efforts unless they become public as to who is doinig it. But the fact that IV responded to member requests for update even before any lawyer, immigration website or even before anti iimmigrants, shows that they are truely working behind the scenes driving our bills. They may not be disclosing it all on the forums since it will affect the effort.
    IV should take credit at least for clearing the air when this bogus rumor was making the rounds last night. i knew it looked suspicious. it also shows IV are on top of everything going on.


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  • nk2
    07-19 09:11 PM
    In the past 2 days 3 labors from PBEC were approved from my Company. The PDs for them are 2004.

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  • GC_1000Watt
    06-15 04:04 PM
    Better to renew right away. You can renew up to 6 months before expire date.

    Expiry date is 15 months away. Can I still renew? I'm not too sure but I guess one can't renew before 12 months of expiry date. Is this true?


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  • lnahan
    02-03 01:43 AM
    I don't agree with this comment. I don't have full confidence on congress to pass full CIR bill this year. After this year, the hope will get dimmer. This proposal is better than nothing. It can propably release EB2 immediately. And move EB3 forward significantly.

    Although it is not passed, we should push for anything that contains some EB relief.

    02/02/2007: What Did Senator Kerry Immigration Reform Bill Mean to EB Immigrants?

    In highsight, the failure of the Kerry Amendment to H.R.2 to pass the Senate could be considered a relief to the EB immigrants. Review of the immigration reform bill in the H.R. will establish that the bill proposed for the employment-based immigration system practically nothing other than increasing the annual quota to 290,000. None of the provisons in the SKIL bill was reflected in the bill, including exemption of the spouses and children from from the numerical limitations, exemption of certain EB groups from the annual numerical limits, opportunity for filing I-485/765/131 for the I-140 beneficiary during the visa number retrogression, etc. etc. etc.! Had this been enacted, it would have affected the upcoming CIR bill or special legislation for Employment-Based immigration system reform. This reporter was shocked to learn that this bill provided practically no relief for the employment-based imigrants other than farm workers and the children eligible for DREAM Act bill. The bill was extremely imbalanced legislation in a way from the perspectives of the "Comprehensive" Immigration Reform.
    We will see whether the Senate leaders will indeed complete and introduce the CIR proposal next month.

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  • baburob2
    02-01 06:59 PM
    cool news. hope it is right and it survives and becomes a law.


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  • achiever2001
    01-20 12:39 PM
    Very few will come here if you mention about contributions in the title.

    Well, if not that, at least make it obvious that it comes from the right source. I misunderstood this thread as somebody making malicious attack at the core group and disregarded it (though it has been started by a core member). It would help if we can understand who started the post (Like we can do, when we check the india-forums for the TV shows), so that people understand the importance (This may seem as nitpicking but it does make a difference because we dont read everything).

    On a second note, even after giving the correct email, i have not received a email from IV like some others have mentioned, after the introductory email after joining in the first time (It would have made me do the pledge earlier if I had gotten the email considering that many of us are infrequent loggers and have a busy travelling schedule).

    Just a thought.

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  • rock
    06-23 01:33 PM

    My lawyer received the following RFE during premium process of my PERM I-140 application.
    ===Here is the text from original RFE========
    Submit evidence that alien obtained a true 4 years bachelor degree in Computer Science, Engineering, MIS, Math or Equivalent. Evidence of education must be in form of an official diploma, record/transcript showing all dates of attendance, area of concentration of study, and date of degree award, if any. The evidence submitted shows that the alien completed a three year Bachelor in Science Degree in India

    fyi: I have 3 years of B.Sc and 2 Years of Post Graduate Diploma in MIS from India.

    Let me know if anyone here has received thia kind of RFE and what could be the best next step to overcome this RFE.



    Under which category you applied I-140? EB2 or EB3?


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  • nonimmi
    04-10 09:40 AM
    If someone is responsible for the current state of affairs in the H1B area , It is Indian firms . The H1B1 was started in 'GOOD FAITH ' by United States to help people from "all over the world" to come in and work in the US , but large Indian IT houses have overexploited these loopholes so much that we are currently in this sorry state of affairs .

    Agreed. But also please note that there is nothing called "GOOD FAITH". Just making a law is enough. It is US INS responsibility to ensure no one (mostly Indian IT companies and small companies in US operated from bedrooms, not basement or garage!! :) those created in garage are HP and GOOGLE) can exploit it. So blaming TCS and WIPRO and INFY and PATNI is not enough!! If we don't protect our house and thief exploits that to rob us that is our fault. This holds true for US INS too. And don't assume INS didn't know this. No exploitation is possible without Govt's active or passive approval. This is one big ecosystem and all have their share. That is how all businesses are operated across the world. Immigration is one of the biggest businesses here. And they want this chaos to exist for their interests.

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  • Macaca
    01-17 04:29 PM
    Some legislative action is expected in Feb. Money will be needed immediately. I don't think $20/month is the answer.

    I think $200 is a very reasonable amount based on the cause. Life is not a charity.

    You should pay a total of $200 immediately if you have paid less then $200.


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  • visves
    04-11 08:51 AM
    From what I heard when I was in a similar situation, the last approved H application would become her status. Meaning, if you apply for a H1B and a H4 later, if the H4 gets approved after her H1B, her status would automatically revert to a H4 because that was the last approved H application. If her H4 renewal is part of your H1B renewal, you could do yours as a permium processing application. That way, her H4 approval might come through well before her H1B approval.

    To answer your last question, if you did not show a valid I-94 till Oct 2007 while applying for her H1B, her H1B approval would come through without a I-94 attached. If that happens, she will have to get her Visa stamped out of the country. Otherwise, she could potentially be without a valid I-94.

    Will this be a problem?
    I need answers to following questions.

    1) Can i apply for mY wife's H4-B renewal while her H1-B application is pending?

    2) What will happen, if here H1-B is approved after H4-B renewal is applied and before her Renewal of H4-B is approved?

    3) What will happen, if my wife's H1-B is approved before H4-B renewal is applied. On what status will she stay untill Oct 2007. Does she have to go back to India and come back with a visa stamp?

    Any other matrix?

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  • snathan
    01-12 10:02 PM

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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-04 12:21 PM

    Received email this morning that my Green Card was approved - Self and Spouse.

    Case Center : TSC.

    Thanks everybody and IV and wish everyone good luck on their approval !!


    Congratulation Man (and woman:D)

    Can you please tell me your category? Was it a EB2 or EB3? Also what was your LUD (last updated date) and 485 Receipt Date (RD)????

    Please...pleaseee.....pretty please;)

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  • jackisback
    05-26 03:45 PM
    I had e-filed for me and my wife on 05/14.
    App went to NSC. Sent docs on 05/19 - delivered on 05/21
    Soft LUD on 05/17, 05/18 and on 05/24
    Got receipts on 05/21

    Yesterday (05/25) got ASC notice for FP for my wife.. is FP needed for EAD??
    I thought last time we got FP notice.. it said app type as I-485.. that time.. in July fiasco.. we had applied for 485/EAD/AP all together

    Have not got my FP notice yet

    I have a Que - my daughter is 7 and initially the attorney had applied for EAD for her too... but then after the first time (2007) I did not apply for her EAD.. I thought no point in wasting $340 every time..

    Now since FP notices are coming for my wife and hopefully for me - how about FP notice for my daughter? Do I need to apply for EAD for her.. to get FP notice?
    If I don't get FP notice for her - will her Case be ok?

    Anyone has similar experience.. pls reply...


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  • nixstor
    05-23 01:57 PM
    I removed congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard from the list as she is now the co sponsor of all three bills

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  • Worked_10_Years
    07-21 06:01 PM
    E filed on May 9 both EID/AP
    FP on June 6.
    AP recieved for my self on June 17, but not for spouce yet.
    Soft LUD on EID on July 07.
    No update since then..

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  • coolvigo
    10-06 09:42 AM
    I changed job early this yr and my new employer is working on labor for me right now. But from my previous employer I have PD of Aug 2005. If I get my labor cleared in a month, i should be allowed to apply for 140 and 485 since other fellows from 2007 pd were also able to apply recently.

    Why should i suffer because of USCIS foolishness in Aug.......after having PD of 2005.............all similar cases lets raise our voice.

    06-18 10:31 AM
    We are all eligible for social security benefits (as long as we meet the point accrual requirements).
    Not to say in the future there won't be a law that will make us ineligible.

    QUOTE=rmdsouza]Immigration reform will not take place unless the lack of reform costs the government. Now, we all know that H1-Bs pay Social Security Tax and Medicare Tax. Also, according to the rules, we are not eligible for the benefits. Considering the average pay of a H1-B is $60000. This unfair tax amounts to about $2300 per/year/person. Now there are about 350,000 H1-B stuck in Labor for the past 2-3 years. The total amount in unfair tax is nearly
    $2.4 BILLION!!! (I am being very conservative about this figure)

    Maybe they will pay attention if a lawsuite is filed to recover these taxes..

    Just my two cents worth...[/QUOTE]

    09-27 12:30 AM
    I have enjoyed your amusing ranting. Call me anything you like. That will not not solve any problem. I am not a leader but a person of average intelligence capable of understanding the implication of the re-interpretation of the spill over rule on EB2. If you have the time, please read the comments of EB3worker. It would be better if we work unitedly towards visa recapture instead of trying to envy one group. The common goal is working towards Visa recapture. The forum cannot be hijacked by any group EB1/EB2/EB3.

    r u really eb2?..... no seriously...... i do want to just make sure that fit in eb2.....

    again u r wrong...... u r below average intelligence..... that's y u doubt the common sense of others..... when u write posts to make people fight with each other....

    it doesn't make any difference what another a$$ wrote about eb3 re-interpretation..... bcoz it was another fake id..... just like u'rs....... maybe yours...... u r trying to make people fight over nothing at all...... its not important what u and your other fake id is writing ..... becoz all that u want to do is make people fight......

    but at the end of the day u'r still an a$$.....


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